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The Appear is provided web service to Bangladesh and Global clients. With the short-timed yet proficient experience, our team has gathered, we have become one of the most promising web design and development companies in Bangladesh. We come up with affordable services and happen to meet the project deadlines. Also, there are tremendous technological services to meet your requirements. To top it off, the team members’ creative talent is certain to assist you in generating and executing ideas.

Thus, for a great web design and development service, you can undoubtedly rely on us. The Appear’s central focus is to achieve a hundred percent client satisfaction. We respect every aspirational idea and believe that with proper support, it can become an inventory idea. As a result, we try our best to increase our clients’ self-belief and reliability on their big plans. This benevolence with professionalism has made “The Appear one of the propitious web design and development companies in Bangladesh.


We believe that quality testing is a prerequisite for bug fixing and quality maintenance. We make sure to test and check the website prototype. After that, your website is good to go for deployment.


Our team studies the business goals and requirements that our clients provide us. We make a strategic plan, collect data about your targeted audience, and then align your business objectives.

Benefits of taking our assistance

  1. Our team tends to stay centralised and provides you reliable data storage
  2. We have no client software requirement
  3. We can provide you completely custom functionality and features
  4. We provide a familiar interface to every employee
  5. You can get several security options if you want to bring an improvement in the security system of your website
  1. Lastly. We can provide you several web hosting options

Development Environment

At the Appear, we tend to build our solution according to the LAMP architecture. However, there are also certain industry-standard technologies we follow. They are MySQL database

  1. Linux operating system
  2. Apache web server

The Showcase of ‘The Appear’

The Appear has worked with multiple brands around Bangladesh and Globally has created amazing, unique, and custom websites for them. This makes us confident enough to give you a great experience by handling your project. No matter what your requirements are, you can trust us as our strategy, design and development methods, deployment, and maintenance procedures are sure to amaze you.

What we do

We know that every business’s requirements are unique, and thus, our team of skilled members have this commitment to providing our clients with the following services

  1. Creating custom websites that will be fully prepared to have appeared in public
  2. create, host, and maintain websites according to our clients’ preferences.
  3. Provide Website design service
  4. Our team is specialized in multiple programming languages and technologies like

HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access, XML, Macromedia Flash, Action Scripting, jQuery, and so on. This enables our team to provide you a custom website development service

  1. Provide website SEO service
  2. Social media marketing service

How we make it happen!

Discovery Phase

This is our very beginning phase. In this phase where our team tries to understand what your website is about and what type of visitors you would be expecting. We attempt to realize the scope and prospects of your application. Also, notify you about the required time and budget.


This is one of our main fields of work. This emphasizes the website’s appearance and overall characteristics. The design of a website holds great significance as it tends to be impressionistic. At the Appear, our team is aware of how crucial it is to create and execute content timely. Therefore, we aim to demonstrate a lucid idea earliest possible.


In this phase, we set up the properties, attributes, and contents your website would have. This enables a faster and easier website design and development service.

Front End Build

In the front end build phase, we try to fix the practical details and basic aspects of the website. Those details include error messages, modules, templates, and so on.


Integration on the external systems and proper establishment of all the identified functional items are two of the most prominent subjects that need enough concern while designing a website. Therefore, this development phase mainly focuses on these two.


This is the second last phase for achieving the ultimate result. In this phase, our team deploys the outcome to a hosting environment.


Finally, when the website gets published publicly, we take reviews of the visitors with great importance. This guides us in where we should bring changes and improvements.

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