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Capturing student’s attention for online tutoring – 5 best practices

Capturing student’s attention for online tutoring

The world has changed and now it is the time for you also to change. With a drastic change in the mode of teaching it is really difficult for both the teachers and the students to maintain their interest in the studies.

A student is only able to grab the information when he is paying hundred percent attention towards it but with the online classes it is really hard for the students to maintain the attention and it is equally hard for the teachers to grab as much attention of the students as they can.

It is also seen that students look for a lot of help in homework on the internet because they are not able to understand the topics thoroughly in the online classes. It is the job of the teachers to maintain the attention of their students and also provide them as much help in homework as they can and for that they have to make a lot of efforts.

They also have to keep in mind that over burdening the students with new concepts and methods of teaching is also not going to help as they will end up getting confused and distracted by all these methods.

You have to keep a certain amount of ease and subtlety in your methods of teaching if you want to provide some help in homework to your student and to grab their attention and maintain it. Given below are some points that will help you attract the student’s attention and maintain it till the end of the class.

1. Turn on the camera

It is really difficult for the students to maintain their attention in the studies while just staring at a blank screen. You have to understand that if you are not doing too show your face then your sessions are not going to be interactive and there productivity would also decrease.

It is very obvious that people cannot focus on the studies while staring at blank screen and they have to see something on it if you actually want to teach them properly and give them some help with homework. Now that it is clear that you have to show your face while taking an online class, you can also make each and every student show their face so that the session can be more interesting and interactive for the children.

When everything was normal and the world wasn’t hit by this pandemic the classes used to be offline and they also used to be very interactive and enriching because the students and the teacher had a direct contact with one another and now when the direct contact is impossible showing your face can provide some sense of ease to the students and they would also try to concentrate as much as possible and hence they would also not need so much help with homework from the internet as their teachers will be in front of them to answer every query of theirs.

2. Make your sessions live

It is often seen that the teachers hesitate to take live sessions and that is why they record the lessons previously and then on the time of the class they just post it so that the students can see that. because the session is not live and the lesson is recorded the students think that they can see it later on also and it develops a sense of laziness in them and laziness result in lack of attention and ultimately they have to seek some help in homework and help for them exams from other sources rather than the teacher.

Yes it is important to take some time to time assignments of the students and regular tests but that does not mean that you do not take live sessions at all. Many students have a complain with the teachers that they do not take live sessions and hence the students are losing a lot of interest and focus in that particular subject.

the teachers can not understand the problems of the students and solve their queries if they are not taking live teaching sessions so it is very important for them to do so if they want their attention and want to maintain it too.

3. Do not just sit in front of the camera

We know that if you are going to show your face then the sessions are going to be a lot more interesting and interactive but to take it a step further you have to keep on moving so that the students to not get bored while watching your session.

The best way to have movement in your classes is by using the blackboard. When things used to be normal teachers used to teach us with the help of the blackboard to make us understand some tricky concept and to also make us understand the things in a better way and this should also be done in the online classes.

This would increase the student’s attention in the class and because the students would also have to write everything that is written on the board, they would learn a lot while taking your online classes.

4. Try storytelling

Story telling is a very nice method to make the students remember everything that they are learning in the class. We know that you would think that this trick is used by the elementary school teachers to teach little kids but there is a reason why they do this. If you attach some every day and personal experience with the studies then the students are going to remember it for a longer period of time and also in a better way.

5. Make the students have a say in the classes

Because the student’s attention and interaction is necessary for a successful session, the students should also have a say in the methods of teaching.

If you are taking their opinions in how to make your classes more interactive and effective then it is surely going to pay off and you could also see that how the students have started paying attention to the classes when their opinion matters in that.

you should also let them openly ask questions on any matter which is related to their studies and even if it is not then some general questions should be allowed to ask so that the students do not feel discouraged to ask the questions and this is really going to provide a lot of help in homework to them and it would also motivate them to take more online classes.