What is Web Design

We are constantly browsing numerous websites. One is a kind web site. Web design is the creation of a web application or the general form or external infrastructure of a web site.

The size, shape, and text of the website are all different. A website has two parts, front, and back. The work of the front is how beautiful the website will be, how beautifully it can be arranged, where the layout, header, sidebar, etc., and how beautifully it can be displayed is the web design. Web designing is the process of turning a number of texts and images into a complete website.

As we usually think when it comes to drawing a picture, in the case of e-web design and we already have to decide what we need to do for a job.

The first step in starting web design is to create a layout and work accordingly. Design work is basically done with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript. It is possible to design a static website only with HTML, CSS.
The main job of a web designer is to create a template for a site or to specify what the site will look like. Web designers usually design static websites.

Web design or website design means creating a web site. There are two types of websites, static and dynamic. A static website is a simple web site. Basically, all the work has to be done by a web designer and we can go from one page to another and back it up. But for a dynamic web site, some end coding is required. You have to create a dynamic web site using a framework. The designer basically has to do the rest of the work at the back end or coding part after designing the front end.

These are dynamic web sites as we order products from different web sites. Web design is a sector that anyone can learn if they want to, only if they have the will power to learn.